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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

How To Repair Old Photographs By Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials : Old pictures can look better with Adobe Photoshop special effects. This is a technique that would look good on any photographs, old or new. Old pictures can benefit from a bit of touch up and cleaning up, which is where this technique comes in.

Getting ready for this Adobe Photoshop technique is the main step in the whole tutorial.After the download, you can start repairing your photographs by opening up Adobe Photoshop, and after that, choose the Full Edit mode.

Working with Touch Ups

In Full Edit mode, you can work on any photograph that is on your computer whether it is on a digital camera, mobile, memory stick or the case of a scanned photograph. All you have to do is to identify the area you would like to repair. This could be the background, or the enhancement part of the photo (examine), or the edges as well (obs used).

Images that are not displayed can be Improved

After opening your PhotoEditor, you will notice that there are already several possible improvements that you can do to your photographs. You can adjust the brightness values and color value and contrast, and of course, crop any photo that shows us too small or too large. You can also just save your finished photo in a different file with a new file extension. The possibilities of editing are unlimited, and you need to decide as to how much detail you want to go through with the touch ups, or how much time you are willing to invest for a particular job.

If you have a file that you need to repair, just save it and close the program. You can run the program again, just to check if you can get the same results. You can do this as many times as you want, and whenever you get a new file, just open it and save it with a new file extension.


What you have to remember is not to get discouraged. This is a very helpful technique, and with a bit of work and patience you can have great looking photographs.

Repair photos by opening Adobe Photoshop

Select the Full Edit menu

Scroll to the ‘Filter’ option

Scroll to the ‘Add’ tab

Scroll to the ‘ disappeared ‘ box

Insert a new photo or a new background layer

Select the foreground color from the pull-down menu

Insert a new layer with exactly the same appearance as the background layer

The next step is to give your photo a name that is unique to your output. Give this a name such as ‘My First Photo’

Open the photo in Photoshop

Select the ‘ scalable ‘ option from the image menu

Create a scalable template by changing the scale menu

Open the original photo in Photoshop and resize it all you want. Remember to keep the resolution constant throughout the entire project

Field Master enables the user to resize, rotate, cut and copy a background copy to a different layer within the copied image, without having to label by name. Just go to the ‘Proxy’ section located in the sections of the Duplicate Documents box

Go to the ‘text box’ and type in your text that you will use to fill in the boxes of text in your report. You can use an existing coined word to create variables or new words.

Once you have completed your text, click the ‘ emboss ‘ option located in the dist events drop down menu.

This will produce a beautiful harvest background for your photo.

sells editing photos and manipulate the unthinkable fonts and colors to produce eye-catching photographs. You can warp text in Photoshop and distort it into unique shapes to make the text pop out. All this is possible thanks to the amazing features of Photoshop CS2.